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The platform will allow user to donate any amount of cryptocurrency to the cause they care about in under 30 seconds. Users can set their accounts anonymously to donate cryptocurrency. You learn more here about the market trends of cryptocurrency.



Can use our tokens (HET) to: List campaigns on top page, promote campaigns and Advertise on our platform .



If you hodl our tokens HavEther (HET) you support the community because when you hodl the coin will gain value.



Donors Can use our tokens HavEther (HET) to: Donate needies and Decide where funds from the emergency pool should be spent


Wha is HavEther Token

HavEther Token (HET): is a form of cryptocurrency that aim to be prepared method to donate to the causes you care about on temporary ethereum blockchain to eliminate middlemen risk and allow fast secure payment to participant. 

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Token Structure

Token Name: HavEher Token

Token Ticker: HET

Token Total Supply: 1,000,000

Proof Type: PoS

Algorithm: Ethash

Contract Address: 0xf0998faebc12188172310403814e0399f7af3f73

Founder only own 5%s.

We are on Blockfolio

HavEther is already on blockfolio app download blockfolio app and add HET to your fotofolio.

Blockfolio is a must-have for any crypto investor. It’s a free app that tracks Bitcoin and altcoin prices across multiple exchanges, and allows you to monitor your current portfolio.

Plans are on for integrating automated crypto trading apps; visit to learn further.


Project Roadmap

Here is our roadmap best on our redesign in 2019, the project roadmap may be change any time due to some challanges

Have Any Questions?

Frequently asked questions (FAQ) or Questions and Answers (Q&A;), are listed questions and answers, all supposed to be commonly asked in some context

HavEther Token (HET): is a form of cryptocurrency that aim to be prepared method to donate to the causes you care about on temporary ethereum blockchain to eliminate middlemen risk and allow fast secure payment to participant.
Actually Currently we only support ETH and HET, but we will soon add BTC and some other crypto coins.
You can trade HET at almost five cryptocurrency exchange currently, 1., 2., 3., 4. and these two decentralized exchange,
Mainnet will be release by Q4 2020.
NO. Currently HavEther didnt integrate Bitcoin payment but soon bitcoin will be added to the support coins.
NO. We dont guaranty making money with HET
An]y ERC-20 siupported wallet can be iused to stotred HavEther Token HET, we recommend TRIUST WALLET, you can download it on playstore.
HavEther is a decentralized system, mean it has no central server it controlled by the community.

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